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Summer in New Jersey

 Bug Spray It’s a bright summer day and you and your family have decided to visit the beach. You’re now bathing under the hot summer sun. Your energy saps as you soak up the rays and sink into the sand. The smell of barbecued ribs wafts past your nose as your stomach growls. Children are laughing in the background while bugs pelt your body hoping to get their equivalent of barbecued ribs, human blood…and they don’t give up! One…

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Hackensack Meridians SOAR Event Cancer Survivorship Celebration

Introducing Hackensack Meridians SOAR Event Cancer Survivorship Celebration ~ Survive ~Overcome ~ Adapt ~ Restore ~ Saturday, June 10th 9 AM – 1 PM Hackensack Meridian Health is offering Healthy Living Programs and Activities including massages, door prizes, exhibits, healing arts, live music, seated yoga, healthy cooking, integrated health & medicine. Judy Ryan and her staff will be instructing & performing manual lymphatic drainage, an amazing massage technique used to help your immune system to efficiently remove toxins and…

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Not All Plant Oils Are Created Equally!

Volume: I    June 1st 2017    Week 1 Author: Judy Ryan, Certified Clinical Aromatherist, Vodder Certified Lymphatic Therapist, ARCB trained Reflexologist-certification pending case study completion-this Summer and Licensed Physical Therapist   Did You Know? Many different compounds are present within each plant. Try as they may, manufacturers of synthetic oils cannot duplicate the complete spectrum and properties of pure plant derived oils. Environmental factors such as soil properties, temperatures, region, and cultivation practices all have significance on how effective…

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