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Lymphatic Drainage (Circulation & Immune Enhancing)

Immune Boosting Lymphatic Drainage Class

Learn how to perform manual lymphatic drainage to promote nourishment and growth of healthy cells throughout your body. By performing daily lymphatic drainage (takes less than 5 minutes), you aid your body’s ability to create immune fighting cells and promote elimination of toxins/cellular debris. Gain a set of skills that will help your body become super efficient at boosting immunity and removing toxins to prevent their caustic accumulation.

Class Fee $20 for 60 minutes of instruction

Classes will be offered on Monday’s and Fridays with dates posted in August

Class Times: Mondays 3:30 – 4:30pm

Fridays  6:15 – 7:15pm

Did You Know?

Studies performed using Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) revealed that up to 10 times as much pathogens, particularly viruses, may reside in the lymph system, as in the blood. Over time, after enduring years of toxic accumulation, the immune system falters and infectious disorders create imbalances through the bodily systems that lead to disease.

In Women, special attention needs to be placed on Axillary Lymph nodes as they play a vital role in helping the mammary glands to stay in balance. These nodes prevent the accumulation of excess protein and hormone metabolic by- products in the breast. Research has revealed a common link to various types of  breast cancer in that the Axillary Nodes are greatly enlarged due to trapped lymphatic fluid. This engorged condition affecting the lymph nodes, according to Dr. Fauci of NIH Allergy & Infectious Disease Center, “results in providing a breeding ground (especially for the HIV virus) for pathogenic material.”

In Men, special care should be taken to purge the inguinal nodes to help the prostate/reproductive glands stay in balance.

In Children, and Gentile adults, the immune system requires added support to ward off agents that leave them vulnerable to chronic infections.