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Meditation with Essential Oils (Stress Management)

Blending Pure Medical Grade Oil to Promote Relaxation

As chemical messengers, many essential oils exert a mood balancing effect on emotions. Create your own unique blend of oils that balance and soothe the mind and spirit. Learn how to use oils to aid in concentration, induce relaxation and to create a healthier home air environment.

Fee for Materials: $20.00


Balancing the Mind with Limbic Aromatherapy

Scents possess powerful influence over the limbic region of the brain. Just like Pavlov’s dog, you can train your brain to reduce anxiety and stress by pairing a soothing scent to meditation. After practice and time,  inhaling the scent will help to calm the neural connections that trigger and heighten our stress response. This technique is a great tool for individuals of all ages seeking to manage stress and promote relaxation.

Fee for Service: $20.00