Wellness Day Spa offering natural and organic facial care, full body wraps, foot & leg care, a wide variety of massage techniques, nail and hair treatments.

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Organic & Natural Body Care

All Massages Are Not Created Equal

Our massage therapists have years of experience and hold advanced certifications in lymphatic drainage, Relaxation & Stress Relief-M Technique, Cranial-Sacral, Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue and Pregnancy Massages that will have your body feeling refreshed.Hands massaging beautiful women

We are happy to customize a massage to suit your individual needs.

We have years of experience caring for client’s with autoimmune disorders, chronic pain, sports injuries, and cancer.  Please call with any questions, or to speak to our personnel who are happy to assist you in selecting or custom designing the most beneficial treatment for your body.

30 minutes $45  60 minutes $90   75 minutes $120  90 minutes  $135

*We offer Club, Senior and Veteran’s discounts of 10%

Please call our scheduling manager, Bella…to find out more details at (732) 223-5521


European Style

Our facility hosts a soothing cedar sauna that is included in the price of any of our treatments to help aid the skin’s ability to open pores in order to receive the most benefit from a full body massage or wrap. The soft aroma of the cedar wood provides a relaxing experience while preparing your body to receive botanical essences chosen to deeply nourish and detoxify the skin.  This is a traditional method of receiving a medical massage in Europe that we have created just for you here!

We select the most wholesome variety of organic & natural plants, fruits, and medical grade essential oils (GC/spectroscopy tested for purity) to repair & deeply replenish the dermal tissues throughout your body!

Our wraps consist of the following:

All wraps begin with a relaxing massage, followed by a gentle exfoliation of your skin with an organic sugar scrub of your choice ( Orange Blossom, Rose, Lavender, Coconut, or Gardenia). Your body is then gently brushed with a clay, honey, mud or kelp medium chosen to meet your needs and wrapped in warmed towels/linens. Warmed towels steeped in pure botanical essences are used to remove medium, ending with a relaxing massage with a nutrient rich body butter.images (1)

Detoxify, Soften & Tone: Our Sea Botanical Wrap features a proprietor synergistic blend of pure minerals and other sea extracts to deeply nourish and detoxify your body, while softening the skin and toning tissues.

Mineralizing & Replenishing: A wonderfully nourishing treatment that will leave your skin smooth and your spirit soothed. We begin with a relaxing lymphatic massage, followed by a gentle exfoliation of your skin with an organic sugar scrub of your choice (orange blossom, rose, lavender or coconut). Your body is then gently brushed with a nurturing mask chosen just for you (clay, kelp, honey, crushed botanicals) and wrapped in warmed linens. Warmed towels soaked in botanical essences known to tone skin  are used to remove the body mask. This treatment concludes with a soothing massage leaving your body refreshed and balanced.

Toning Wrap: Oils are specifically chosen to stimulate elastic and collagen production to tone your skin.  Juniper, Grapefruit, Cypress, Rosemary, Lavender and Lemon Blossom pure medical grade essential oils are blended synergistically and applied with a lymphatic massage. Your body is brushed with a kelp mask and wrapped in warmed linens. Warmed towels steeped in the essential oils are used to remove mask. Gentle ranging of upper to lower body joints coupled to myofascial release and lymphatic massage imparts a vibrant and healthy glow to your skin.

Soothing Body Wrap: Too much sun? We have created a special wrap to help soothe overexposed, parched skin that consists of organic green tea, and organic aloe gel & jojoba blended with pure medical grade Lavender oil from Provence, German Chamomile containing pure Azulene (distillate component of chamomile that is highly anti-inflammatory) & Tea Tree from Australia. This wrap is based on medical research to help burnt skin heal and remove heat from tissues.

Pampering Add Ons: These wraps pair well to a relaxing scalp massage with deep conditioning organic hair mask and/or an organic facial.