Wellness Day Spa offering natural and organic facial care, full body wraps, foot & leg care, a wide variety of massage techniques, nail and hair treatments.

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Organic & Natural Foot Care

About Our Foot Baths and Massages:                                                              

We strive to offer the highest quality ingredients in our products and services to nurture & rejuvenate hard working legs and feet. We feature Organic & Vegan Nail Polish (Free of Formaldehyde, Toluene, Lead, and other harmful chemicals), Organic Shea Butter and Sugar Scrubs. Safe for pregnant women, autoimmune disorders, cancer survivors and those individuals who are concerned with receiving organic and clean foot care treatments. Our foot baths are filled with authentic dead sea salts, epson, and herbal essences of your choice.


Our Foot Soaks Contain Health Promoting Ingredients for a truly unique experience! Our Baths feature a disposable liner to ensure that your soak contains only fresh, wholesome botanical ingredients free of germicidal agents and other undesirable residues!

To promote optimal health, we want you to become educated on how to best care for your legs and feet in-between treatments…if requested, and as necessary…we are medically trained to work in cooperation with your doctor to customize & recommend an appropriate follow up home care program.

Relief for tired, aching and stressed out legs & feet is attainable!

We are happy to assist you by designing a custom treatment just for your feet!


Feet are a source of well-being and relief which should not be neglected.”

Nail Care Treatments for Women, Men & Children

Mini Pedicure – Perfect in between or for those client’s on the go. A quick refresher for your feet! Nails are clipped, buffed, cuticles refined and calluses removed. Followed by a mini soak, scrub/massage and organic polish of your choice.

Fee for Service: $30.00  30 minutes

Signature Pedicure – Treat your feet to our ‘Signature’ Pedicure. Your treatment begins with a soothing, aromatherapy foot bath. After soaking, our  specialist  shapes your nails, with special care given to removal of  dry dead skin, calluses and attention to cuticles. Your legs and feet are gently exfoliated, and the treatment concludes with an organic hydrating & deeply moisturizing foot mask that is specially formulated to stimulate and soften, tired,” stressed out” feet.

Fee for Service:  $45.00  45 minutes

Deluxe Pedicure- For the ultimate indulgence, relax your tired achy feet in our invigorating foot bath infused with fresh botanical & natural oils chosen just for you!  After a relaxing soak, we cleanse, treat cuticles, exfoliate, buff and massage. Feel stress melt away as you relax your feet in our proprietor blend of oils to soften callus & dry heels. Melt away as we apply deeply moisturizing organic butter of your choice. Your  legs and feet are deeply refreshed, nourished and fortified with minerals and pure botanical oils. An organic polish of your choice is now applied to your manicured feet!

Fee for Service: $60.00   60 minutes

Foot Spa Bar 

Select luxurious add ons including custom essential oil blends, addition of jojoba, sunflower, coconut or shea butter shavings into bath, and other seasonal botanical extracts and essences that promote the health of your feet.

Spa Pedicure- A truly pampered spa pedicure for a well-deserved treat!  Your feet are bathed in a fully custom foot soak. Nails are cleansed, cuticles are groomed, and calluses removed. Your legs and feet are then exfoliated and softened. A hydrating mask is layered on and wrapped in hot towels steeped in botanical essences to deeply nourish your skin. The session concludes with a soothing massage to relieve your tired achy feet and organic polish of your choice.

Fee for Service: $75.00  75 minutes  


Did you know there are over 7200 nerve endings in the Foot!  Experience the health benefits of Reflexology!  

What is reflexology exactly?

Reflexology involves the application of alternating pressures to specific reflexes and zones on the foot that correspond to our organs and tissues to improve circulation, relieve stress, alleviate pain and create a balance throughout all systems of the body. Our reflexologist has just complete advanced training involving 160 hours of class and case studies.

Fee for Service: 30 minutes  $45.00  60 minutes  $90.00  80 minutes $120  

Restorative Foot Soakw/ Dead Sea & Epson Salt : Just want to soak your tired, achy feet in a foot bath drawn just for you! This soak features a blend of organic bath beads, botanical essences  and essential oils that are recommended just for you!

Fee for Service: $35.00

Happy Feet Add On’s:

Relief for My Aching Feet Massage- A soothing and deeply relaxing foot massage & soak combines  Lymphatic Drainage Massage and Reflexology with medical grade-pure essential oils + authentic dead sea salts, organic jojoba and calendula oils +  a proprietor blend of botanical ingredients. Each bath may be customized, just for you by our medically trained Clinical Aroma-therapist. This treatment is designed to detoxify, balance, distress, and enhance the circulation of your legs and feet. Fee for Service: 30 minutes $45     60 minutes $90.00      90 minutes $125.00

Foot Mask- Honey & Sea Salt Mask is applied to your feet. Then we wrap your legs and feet in  hot towels that have been steeped in Peppermint, Tea Tree & Eucalyptus. Treatment concludes with a botanical rich hydrating cream massaged over legs and feet.

Organic Sugar Scrub Foot Massage-  Its time to shed that dry, scaly skin and replace it with healthy, vibrant skin that lies buried underneath! . An organic sugar scrub of your choice is applied (Pine, Coconut, Rose, Lavender, Gardenia or Citrus) then gently swept off by hot towels steeped in essential oils are wrapped around your legs and feet to deeply hydrate. Gentle stretching and lymphatic drainage conclude session. This is a great experience between nail polishes or for those individuals who are seeking to care for their feet on a regular basis to increase circulation, create a healthy moisture barrier to skin and to promote a balance to foot tissues that house over 7200 nerve endings!

Fee for Service  60 minutes  $90.00

Lymphatic Drainage

Fee for Service: 30 minutes $45.00    60 minutes  $90.00

*Also available during and after foot treatments is a variety of freshly prepared products to promote circulation, reduce pain, and deeply hydrate & nourish skin. Our most popular products for the feet include: Relief For Achy Feet Salve, and our customizable Wound and Pain Creams.  We would love to create a home spa experience that extends the benefits of the services you receive with us.  Select a blend of sea salts, pure essential oils and botanical extracts that speak to your individual preference. 

*Judy Ryan, our Director, is a licensed physical therapist of 28 years’ experience attaining advanced certifications that include Lymphatic Drainage(Vodder trained with 16 years’ experience) , Medical Clinical Aromatherapy (Medical Certification Jane Buckle) and Reflexology.  She has recently completed 160 hours Reflexology in class study and will be sitting for ARCB examination this fall. Judy possesses a passion to continually learn and offer holistic methods to promote health and help those suffering with progressive illnesses learn long term coping strategies to afford quality of life and management of their chronic conditions.