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Organic & Natural Nail Care

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Our Nail Treatments Feature Vegan And Natural Based Gel Polish

We feature natural and organic products that promote the health of your hands and nails. Vegan & natural gel polishes are combined to our organic hand creams, sugar scrubs, sea salts and essential oils to create a truly aromatic custom treat that will soothe, soften and rejuvenate your hands.

Our spa menu uniquely offers fresh botanical ingredients, soothing soaks, and nurturing massages as part of your nail service.  To promote the utmost sanitation, each client receives their very own file and nail buffer.


Soothing Soak Manicure – Relax as your hands soak in botanical essences.  We then attend to cuticles, shape nails and finish with your choice of vegan polish or natural buffing.

Service Fee: $25.00   30 minutes 


Deeply Hydrating Manicure – Your manicure begins with a relaxing botanical soak, followed by a gentle massage to your hands, and arms with our organic sugar scrub, that is removed with warmed towels that have been steeped in pure plant based essential oils. A deep conditioning organic  butter of your choice is massaged over each arm and hand to further enhance your relaxation.  Essential nail care and cuticle treatment follows. To match your glowing, deeply nourished skin, your treatment concludes with our vegan nail polish.

Service Fee: $60.00   60 minutes  


Nurturing Manicure – This manicure is a treat for individuals seeking stress relief for their arms, neck and hands. The benefits of this manicure is to aid in stress reduction, promote circulation and deeply nourish skin. First, we help you choose  a custom blend of essential oils, botanicals and sea salts to soak your hands in. Next we gently massage your arms and hands with an organic sugar scrub that freshens the skin and is removed with towels steeped in pure essential oils. A deeply moisturizing and toning mask is then applied to impart nutrients into your skin (we will recommend just the right one – Rose Clay, Sea Salt & Honey, or Kelp) and removed with warmed towels.  A relaxing massage featuring a nutrient rich body butter is massaged along neck, arms and hands. Your skin is renewed and deeply nourished and is now polished with our vegan nail polish.

Service Fee: $75.00  75 minutes


All Natural Gel Manicure – Our Gel Manicure is designed to improve the health of your nails and affords you ultimate wear and shine for 2+ weeks. There will be no damage or weakening of your nails because the polish is free of THE BIG 5 (formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, BHA or solvents). The Gel Polishes comes in an array of beautiful colors and the base coat offers 2 formulas: one to prevent dehydration, staining and weakening of the natural nail, while the second formula is designed for extra weak, damaged and dehydrated nails.

Service Fee: $40.00  45 minutes

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