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Strong Healthy Bones

Strong Healthy Bones

(Highly recommend for individuals with Osteoporosis, Steroid use for Asthma, Osteopenia, and/or history of Fractures).

Learn how to perform exercises to promote healthy bone matrix where our red and white blood cells are made to maintain homeostasis of the body. Along with structural support, our bones are constantly remodeling to produce cells generating a dire need for appropriate resistance to maintain optimal performance. You will be introduced to appropriate exercises,  essential nutritional components and pharmacological interactions that are essential to understand and apply to maintain bone health.

Class Fee: $20/60 Minutes

We uniquely offer Genetic Testing to compliment our classes to help you attain optimal bone health.

*Testing evaluates genetic variations in three genes that studies have shown affect your risk for low bone mass and spine fractures. Based on your results, you’ll receive easy-to-follow recommendations and specific actionable steps you can take to help maintain healthy bones and spine to live an informed and healthy lifestyle.