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 Welcome to A Healing Touch at IPT

A warm and inviting setting awaits to receive you. Our dedicated staff will help you select just the right service, products, or workshop to ease tension, find calm and help you create a healthy mind and body!

Our Wellness Day Spa offers natural and organic facial care, full body wraps, foot & leg care, a wide variety of massage techniques, nail and hair treatments. Services are designed to pamper the body with plant derived products that nurture, protect and restore vitality to the skin.

Nature has blessed humanity with a set of exquisite tools to enhance health. Botanical herbs, pure essential oils and fresh plant materials can be used in countless ways to greatly improve our skin and overall well-being. This is what we want You to experience and We Love To Do!  Our health promoting services and products are based on sound, medical research and years of clinical experience.

Our mission at A Healing Touch At IPT is to offer the highest standard of care and quality ingredients to enhance the body’s health and well-being. Our products and services are particularly invaluable for those clients coping with progressive autoimmune disorders, recovering from cancer, or are simply seeking guidance to develop a personal care plan to attain optimal health. We have developed products, workshops and services for infants, children, & adults that feature natural and/or totally organic ingredients, delivered to you by highly trained professionals who are dedicated to their profession and truly CARE!

Our organic and natural treatments for the hair, nails, and body are unique in design and content. Our Hair & Nail treatments feature pure botanical essences free of toluene, lead, tar or formaldehyde!  Experience beauty treatments to enhance your look and health that feature vegan nail polish & gels, clean hair care products and safe & effective skin care.